Wednesday, March 30, 2011

FOTD - 26th March


Some of you have asked me to do more blog posts on makeup looks. So I decided to share this look with you. I wore it on my grandmother's birthday party- just a simple look (who needs loads of makeup, when only quests beside family were 70-year-old ladies from neigbourhood).

Product list:
Foundation- Bourjois healthy skin mix serum in 53
Concealer- Revlon Age defying under eye concealer in light
Setting powder- ELF Mineral booster in Sheer
Blush- NYX pinched

ELF Mineral Eyeshadow primer (love this primer, you should really try this out! Belive me, primer makes a huge difference!)
NYX eyeshadows (pink and lilac from Velvet rope palette and brown from nude on nude palette)

Loreal lineur intense carbon black liquid eyeliner
Loreal voluminous original blackest black mascara
Brows: ELF brow kit in Light. 

I am really not into lip products so I did not really wear any during the day, I just put on some ELF lipgloss in Flirt for these pictures.
The pictures are taken about 10 p.m. so please excuse my tired face. hahaa.

What is your go to eyeshadow look that you love to wear over and over again? Mine is pink- purple combo.

I have also been thinking to start filming my own makeup tutorials- blogging and Youtube just goes hand in hand. Maybe one day soon I'll give it a try. :) I really don't like step-by-step instructions in blogs, videos are so much easier to understand- that's why I have not put up any actual tutorials. 

Thank you for reading!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My favourite perfumes


So today I am going to blog about my favourite perfumes. Why you - may ask? Because I am searching for my next perfume - something stronger, but not overpowering, suitable for night time.
First of all- I was 18 when I got my first perfume as birthday present from my mother. I remember when we went together to Tartu Kaubamaja (it is department store) and she let me pick out a perfume. This time I chose Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Tropical. I used this perfume a lot on my first university year- that's the year when I started dating with my boyfriend and so this smell always brings back sweet memories. There is still a little bit left in the bottle and I really want to keep it. Unfortunately this was limited edition. As I am bad a describing perfumes, I will just add the description here:
Green Tea Tropical by Elizabeth Arden is a Aromatic fragrance for women. Green Tea Tropical was launched in 2007. The nose behind this fragrance is Rodrigo Flores-Roux. Top notes are litchi and passion flower; middle notes are green tea, tea and magnolia; base notes are musk and tropical fruits. 

When I was younger I just used my mother's perfumes- she had a few and some of them were lighter and appropriate for young girls. ;)

The perfume I use now on daily basis is Donna Karan New York(DKNY) Be Delicious.  I have used up one bottle completely and now I am using second bottle of this. Just love this perfume. Deliciously fruity and light smell.

And here is the description again:
A modern feast for the senses. Served in a sleek metal and glass apple bottle, this juicy fragrance combines the scent of apple with a sophisticated blend of exotic flowers and sensual woods. Like the city that inspired it, Be Delicious celebrates individuality with refreshing spirit.
American Apple, Cucumber, Grapefruit, Candid Magnolia, Tuberose, White Muguet, Rose, Violet, Sandalwood, Tender Skin Accord, Blonde Woods, White Amber.
Style: Free-spirited. Refreshing. Unique. 

So here are some perfume's that I like at the moment- I have tried them on my wrist and they have not been annoying or still noticeable when you are wearing it. I have heard that perfume suits you when you don't smell it on yourself, that does not mean that other's won't ;) So please don't spray it on 5-6 times, 1-2 times on your neck is enough- I hate it when I can't breathe next to someone, because he or she is surrounded by perfume cloud. 

Firstly, I really like Lady million perfume by Paco Rabanne. I let my boyfriend smell this on my wrist and he told me that it's like the smell in perfume shop. lol. He might be not wrong, because it is said that this perfume is not something new but a mixture of other great perfumes.
Here is short description: 
Vibrant, sensual- fresh, floral and woody at the same time.  
notes: neroli, raspberry, orange blossom, jasmine, gardenia, patchouli, honey, amber. 

Second perfume that I like is Giorigio Armani Acqua di Gioia.
Still I am bad at describing perfumes, so here is a description written by experts:
Heart notes : Jasmine, aquatic note
Top notes: Crushed mint leaves, limone primo flore
Base notes : Cedarwood heart, brown sugar, labdanum
Scent: Aquatic

Third perfume that I started to like around the same time as DNKY Be Delicious is Nina Ricci Nina.
Fragrance Notes:
fresh, floral and fruity perfume with mouth watering accents. A perfume deliciously inspired by the red toffee apple, with tender flesh and a crisp outside to tempt and charm.

Again fruity smell as you can tell. I have sniffed new Nina Ricci perfume too- L'elixir, but this one was too sweet and strong for me.

Let me know what is your favorite perfume and why do you like it. Do you have a story behind it? 


Monday, March 28, 2011



Sorry for not posting a whole week - I can´t use my laptop right now because the charger/adapter or how ever you want to call it, is broken - I hope to get new charger  this week. I will write tomorrow about my favorite perfumes, because I don´t need my own pictures for that.

I just wanted to let you know that I am still blogging, just a little break. ;) I have quite many ideas to write about, but maybe there is something that you are really interested in- then let me know in the comments below. :)

If you have not entered my sigma giveaway yet, you can do it in here: Sigma E25 Blending brush Giveaway. It is open until 7th April.

Thank you for reading!


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

How to thin out nail polish and correct storing


My younger sister wanted me to do a blog post about keeping your nail polishes thin. She wanted 10 ways, but I quess that there is not so many methods. :D
Firstly, You have to remember that there is still limited lifetime to a nailpolish. It is about 2 years- the time is quite reasonable, because the colors go out of fashion during that time or you just get bored. Dark shades tend to clump up faster, because they have so much pigments in them.
Secondly, storing your nail polishes is very important. Best way to store them is in upright position in a cool, dry place. NOT in refrigerator- this may damage the chemicals and nail polish becomes even thicker and unusable. I store my nail polishes in a drawer, as you can see from the picture below.Right now they all fit in one small drawer and I am not really planning to get very many more. (I lied, but they do fit in the same drawer).

Thirdly, if a nail polish has become thick, then do not use acetone to make it thin again(it could ruin the color in long run and the polish won't last as long on your nails, but if you want instant effect and are plainning to throw it out soon anyway, you can use this method too). There are special products for that purpose- they are called nail polish thinners, nail polish restore or something similar. I own ORLY nailpolish thinner and so far I have used it on few of my polishes and it worked quite nicely. The amount needed depends on the thinner, I quess that a few drops will do the work (but add thinner drop by drop until desired result, don't forget to mix the polish in between). Nail polish thinner is not really expensive product and different nail polish companies (also OPI, Nail tek etc) make them, the prices are between 5-10$.

Point number four: Please remember to handle your bottles of nail polish gently. Shaking the bottle vigorously before applying nail polish to your nail,  only make bubbles in the polish. Turn the bottle upside down once, then upright and the thicker and thinner part should mix again (like you would do in chemistry class when you want smth to mix up nicely ) OR gently roll the bottle in your palms for ten minutes, because the warmth from your hands should help make the nail polish thin.

Also, it is good to rembmer that nail polish bottles must close firmly. So from time to time use a wipe and clean the neck of bottle, otherwise there will be a gap and polish dries out more quickly. 

Hope your nail polishes live long and healthy life and you are happy together.

Thank you for reading!

In Estonian:
Mõned nipid küünelaki säilitamiseks ja vedelana hoidmiseks.  Esiteks, kõigil asjadel on piiratud eluiga- küünelakkide puhul on see umbes 2 aastat. See aeg on üsna optimaalne kui arvestada, et ka küünelakkide puhul lähevad mõne aja möödudes teatud toonid moest ära. Üldreegel kipub olema, et tumedad toonid paksenevad kiiremini, kuna sisaldavad rohkem pigmenti. 
Teiseks, küünelakkide eluea lühenemisele aitavad kaasa valed hoiutingimused. Mina isiklikult hoian enda lakke sahtlis, kuivas ja soovitavalt jahedas, otsese päikesevalguse eest varjatuna. Soovitavalt võiksid lakipudelid olla püstiasendis, mitte külili- nii kihistub lakk vähem. Palun ärge pange oma lakke külmkappi, lühiajaliselt võib see hästi mõjuda, kuid pikemas perspektiivis muudab laki tekstuuri ebaühtlaseks ja nii on küüntele kandmine keerulisem ja lõpptulemus ei jää nii ilus.
Kolmandaks, kui küünelakk on juba veidi paksenenud, siis ära lisa sellele atsetooni/küünelaki eemaldajat. Lakkide vedeldamiseks on spetsiaalsed lahused, mida peaks leidma ka Eesti kaubandusest (usun nt et OPI tooteid leiab kaubamajast). Kuna kogu mu lakikollektsioon on välismaalt tellitud, siis tellisin ka lakivedeldaja sealt (seda näete ülevalpool pildil ka- ORLY nail polish thinner). Piisab paarist tilgast, et lakk oma esialgse kuju saaks. Vedeldajat lisada tilk-tilga haaval, vahepeal ikkagi pudelit keerates ja käte vahel rullides. Ärge korraga liiga palju pange. 
Neljandaks, lakipudeleid ei tohiks väga vägivaldselt kohelda. Kui näed, et lakk on kihistunud, siis hullunud loksutamise asemel võta lakipudel kahe käe vahele ja rulli seda seal paar minutit- käte soojus ja ühtlane liigutamine aitab laki koostisosadel taas ühineda. 


Sunday, March 20, 2011

My nail polish collection part 3

This is the third and last part of my nail polish collection now. I have put together ORLY and maybelline, because I do not own very many polishes from them. ORLY's have been bought again from and maybelline polishes I won from Mayeblline Estonia facebook fanpage. I am adding a picture of all my base and top coats too.
Here is part one: china glaze 
and part two: OPI polishes

These are quite sheer, but they really stay on long. Here is a nail design using the polish on the left- this photo is taken on 8th day, believe it or not. :D (The gold polish is OPI Bling Dynasty). On the tips is China Glaze Strawberry fields.

Maybelline mini(that means that the bottle is only 5 ml) swatches.
 These 2 are matte nail polishes from ORLY's Metal chic collection. This contained Solid gold polish also, but I am not into gold polishes, so I bought just these two. You can see really good review about this post here, it is written by Scrangie.I really like ORLY's rubber caps- easy to twist off. For some OPI's I have used my teeth to open- not good for your health. hahaa.. but I just could not get them open.

Orange is from ORLY's plastix collection and green+ grey is from their Once upon a time collection.
There two are from ORLY's last autumn's cosmic fx collection. I really wanted Halley's comet too, but it was too pricey and so I decided to get OPI Catch me in your net, which is cheaper and I just ordered it from ebay yesterday. ;) Really great review about this collection in here:

Last but not least important is a photo of my base and top coats. OPI natural nail base coat- that I use on my toenails, OPI Nail Envy is in a base coat role for my finger nails. Then I have Seche vite fry fast top coat which I still use, but I do not really like, I have written a post saying why here: Seche vite top coat review.

Do you think that I have too many nail polishes? How many do you have and what is your favorite polish(from here or from anywhere) ?

Thank you for reading!

Great MAC giveaway by Steph from Random rambles


Here is a link to this giveaway, the prize is MAC lipstick or eyeshadow: click here. Deadline is 25th March and it is open internationally ;)


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Dub FX concert In Tartu 19th March

Just wanted you to know about this amazing artist, I really like his music. Here are a few examples. He performed with Flower Fairy and the concert was really sincere and he can really do all that stuff that he does in his videos in real life. :) He even said thank you in Estonian (AITEHH :P not Aitäh, but at least he tried :D )


Friday, March 18, 2011

Review: Sigma E25 Blending brush + GIVEAWAY! - CLOSED NOW!


Today I am reviewing Sigma travel size blending brush. this brush was sent to me by Sigma   for review purposes. They were also kind enough to let me do a giveaway for this brush to one lucky follower. (See rules in the end of this post ;) ).

First about Sigma, because I believe many Estonian readers have not heard about this brand. 
The following text is taken from their website:
The Sigma makeup brand is synonymous with quality and functionality. Our products are handmade and were devleoped to satisfy the highest quality standards. We offer a complete line of professional brushes specifically designed to highlight eyes and face. Each brush was individually tested for performance, resistance and durability. The Sigma Makeup brushes are available in different kits to attend your spesific needs. You can also acquire individual brushes and customize your own kit. A brush roll specifically designed to hold and maintain your Sigma Makeup Brush collection is also available. Ready to get started?

Ok, so now you know why Sigma brushes have become so popular- they are high quality brushes with reasonable prices. Complete brushroll costs 99$ and you can get it from here. I don't own the complete set yet, but I really want to buy onw int the future. If you want to spice up your makeup collection you can order complete kit in aqua, coral or purple for the same price.

Here is what came in the package. Undercover I am telling you, that this brush IS the actual gift when your purchase is over 30$ ;). 

Bristles are soft on your eye, but dense enough to blend eyeshadow without any problem.
The brush does not shed- that's a sign of great quality.
You can see the size below - total lenght is about 12 cm or 4 inches.
Description from Sigma website:
Oval-shaped brush with gently chiseled sides. Blends and softens the look of powder or cream shadows. Ideal to apply eye shadow primer, base eye shadow colors, and blend harsh lines. 
 The brush really does everything promised :) 

So now the GIVEAWAY rules:

1. Please enter using only the Form below, any entries left in the comments will not be included!

2. You must be a Public follower using Google Friend Connect (GFC). I need to be able to verify that you do follow my blog.  

 3. Extra entries:
1. (Re)Tweet about this giveaway, please use @BeautyfromLiz
2. Follow me on bloglovin'
3. Make a blog post about this giveaway or put it on your sidebar.


5. DEADLINE IS 07.04.2011 23.59 (Estonian time!) and the winner will be announced in 3 days- so 10.04.2011 for sure ;)

6. The prize will be sent from Sigma directly to you-  I will send them your aadress. 

7. The winner will have 48 hours to respond. 


Giveaway is closed now! I removed the entry form. 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Just found new giveaway!!


Just wanted to shrare this giveaway with you. Click here to go there: ;)

 These OPI polishes are one prize, she is giving away 4 different nail polish sets as prize.


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

ELF studio kabuki brush vs mineral kabuki brush- comparison and review


In this post I am going to compare two ELF kabuki brushes. I own the studio line kabuki brush, the other one(mineral kabuki) I already sold- just took some pictures before to compare them.

1. Price
Mineral kabuki brush is cheaper 4€ vs studio line 5,8€.

2. Bristles: anti bacterial, synthetic haired Taklon brush(studio) vs don't know the material of mineral kabuki brush.

3. Size: they are the same size- no difference here (length 5cm or about 2 inches)

Clearly the studio line brush is softer, the mineral line brush seems quite rough and I would not want to use that on my face.

5. Shedding
My mineral studio kabuki brush does not shed at all, but the mineral line one have shedded a little in the beginning(got feedback from the buyer).

So in conclusion I would definitely prefer the studio line kabuki brush- it is worth every penny!

What do You think of these brushes? Which one do you own? Do You know any other GREAT kabuki brushes?

Thank You for reading!


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spa Ritual mini-nailpolish: Drop dead Gorgeous review


Today I felt like I wanted to talk about nail polishes. This nail polish is called Drop dead gorgeous(from Darmatic high notes line) and it is by SpaRitual. Spa ritual nail polishes are vegan and they do not contain toluene, formaldehyde and DBP - so they are good for environment and your health. The nail polish dried pretty quickly, but needed 3 coats to achieve full opacity. I can't really describe this color, better look at the watsh below. The bottle is mini size so You get 5 ml of product.
I did not buy this myself, but recieved as a gift from Tradehouse(Here is their web shop ) from their Women's day contest which they held on their facebook fan page. It is Estonian company, but I quess that You can find retailers where You live.
I got also some samples of Sparitual bath salts, 2 lotions and one scrub. I have not tried them out yet.

So next text is in Estonian too, because most of my readers are Estonains.
Lühidalt Eesti keeles ka:
Nagu teada on facebookis viimasel ajal väga palju erinevaid mänge, loosimisi ja võistluseid. Antud küünelakk on võidetud Trade house OÜ Facebooki fännilehe kaudu nende naistepäeva mängu lohutusauhinnana- jäin silma pika kommentaariga. Tegemist on minilakiga, mille kogus on 5ml ja tavahind 5,43€ (tradehouse'i kodulehe andmetel). Valisin välja selle tooni, kuna mu suur lemmik on OPI Let me Entertain You ja see toon tundus pudelis olevat sarnane. Kahjuks ma nö kunstküüne swatchi vaadata ei saanud, sest tradehouse'il olid need valesti nummerdatud kohtadel riiuli peal (antud toon on drop dead gorgeous 002).  Üldiselt tundub olevat selline keskmise katvusega kiiresti kuivav lakk, antud näitel minu pöidlaküünel on 3 kihti. Kindlasti tuleks kasutada aluslakki, sest minu küünele jäi pärast 30min proovimist natuke roosat värvi külge. Ei oska öelda kui kaua ta reaalselt kandes ilus püsiks, sest nagu ma korduvalt maininud olen, siis minu küüned peavad hetkel lakkimata olema (eetilistel ja hügieenilistel põhjustel). Lakipudelit on mugav avada, kuna ta ei libise käest ära korgil oleva mustri tõttu.
Lühidalt laki koostisest ka, kuna tegemist on nö veegan lakiga, mis ei sisalda tolueeni, DBP'd ja formaldehüüdi, siis on tegemist väga tervisliku ja loodussõbraliku tootega.
Esimesel pildil on näha ka vannisoolasid ja kreeme, mille katsetamiseks tasuta kaasa sain. Kogu kupatus pakiti kaunisse paberkotti.

So here are the pictures/ Siin on paar pilti ka

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Big ELF haul vol2


If You want to know what ELF is, then read my first post abour this haul. Click here to go to that post.
Sorry for the one day delay, but now I have time to write a post about ELF makeup brushes. Before ordering them I did a good amount of reasearch so that I wouldn't get crap. lol.

I forgot to mention this nail polish- it is one of their new nail polishes called smoky brown. I also ordered nail polish in mango madness, but as I alreay said, the bottle was broken.
All the brushes in their packages.

 ELF Studio Face Kabuki brush is really soft and great for loose powder. I use it for setting my foundation with ELF Mineral booster in Sheer. I have not own any kabuki brushes before so I can't compare it to other kabukis. It isn't too dense or too soft and applies just the right amount of product. It has not shed not one hair so far.
 Next is Studio Powder brush. It is really soft flat top multi purpose brush. Right now I have tried to use it for contouring and blush. So far I can't complain- really great brush for this price.
Third brush that I bought is ELF Studio Stipple brush. I don't know if I like it or not yet, maybe I'm not used to applying foundation with stipple brush. I seems a little too soft for stippling. Sorry that it is dirty, I already used it- brand new brush has white bristles, not beige.

Next two brushes are for eyeshadows. Both are good.

Reusage of ELF brown box, LOL

What ELF brushes do You have? How do you use them?
Thank you for reading!


Saturday, March 12, 2011

My First makeup contest. suur meigivõistlus


This post is going to be in Estonian!
 Eile õhtul leidsin'st meigivõistluse. Pole varem ühelgi osalenud, kuid nüüd mõtlesin proovida. Panen siia ka mõned pildid üles, et parem ülevaade asjast oleks. Meiki tegin u 1,5h ma arvan, täpselt stopperiga aega ei võtnud. Millest selline värvitooni valik? Olen igalt poolt lugenud, et rohelistele silmadele sobib kõige paremini lilla värv. 
Kaalusin nende kahe pildi vahel, kuid valisin siiski viimase. Üldiselt kardan, et nagunii midagi head sealt ei tule, sest päris meikaritega ongi natuke ebaaus võistelda. Fotograafi polnud mul ka tagataskust võtta, nii et lõpptulemus päris 5+ ei ole.

Where I got Inspiration ehk inspiratsioonipilt- I toned my eyeshadow down a little bit, did not want to do so dark eyes.

Glitta Gloves Giveaway: China Glaze Crackle nailpolishes!

I just wanted to share this Giveaway with you. I really want to try them out .. Click here to find out more: Glitta Gloves blog
It is open INTERNATIONALLY and ends on 23rd March.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Big ELF haul part 1


A little introduction about ELF:
Their slogan is: where beauty meats value. This means that they sell good quality products for cheap. The regular line costs 1$, studio line 3$ for ANY ITEM.  ELF cosmetics are cruelty free- they do not test on animals.

When You live in Europe, then You can order from, but the prices are higher, because they buy their products from ELF U.S and it is a different company. Check out their facebook fan page regularly to get discount codes. :) Shipping fee is usally 3,95£.

Okay, let's get onto my haul now. I placed my order on 22nd February and got the package on 8th March- so the shipping took 16 days. I guess that it is quite long, but I belive that some days my package was in the customs. My package was otherwise well, but one nail of the nail polishes was broken- I already contacted the customer service and got response the next day, but I have not recieved refund yet, but I guess that it is going to happen in few days.  I ordered when everything was 20% off, so alltogether I paid 38,95£ for this package.

First: regular line hypershine lip gloss in Flirt. I do not like this lipgloss a whole lot, because it has too sweet smell and it is quite sticky compared to my NYX lipglosses. The color itself is quite sheer pink. Here is the picture of product and a swatch. It costs 1$ on US site and 1,7€ on UK site.

Second. My choices from ELF mineral makeup line. I needed a new powder so I decided to try minera booster in sheer- I bought it in large, beacuse of this discount. (I can't really swatch this, because it is almost translucent). Second item was mineral blush named rose- just wanted to try this out. :) And third item is mineral eyeshadow primer, which has been compared to urban decay primer potion so I decided to try this one out, because I needed an eyeshadow primer.I have tried all of these once adn so far I like them a lot.

Third: My choices from Studio line were: (all of these cost 3$ or 3.5£ or 4€)
1. Blush and bronzer duo compact- this one is also compared to NARS products. The blush is compared to NARS orgasm and bronzer to NARS Laguna bronzer.

2. Warm bronzer- can't use this right now because I am too pale, but I hope it will be beautiful in summer when I am a little bit tanned.

3. Eyebrow kit in light(should have gone for medium maybe, but I am planning to add blonde highlights so I guess that this browkit will do)

This picture is blush/bronzer compact(on the left) and brow kit(on the right) with flash.
Second part of this haul will be posted tomorrow- ELF brushes.


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My nail polish collection part 2: OPI nail polishes


In this post I am going to show You my OPI nail polishes- I only have a few and most of them are minis. I like OPI, but I guess that china glaze has almost the same quality nail polishes for cheaper. What I really love is OPI nail polishes brush- it is quite big and it is easy to cover whole nail with 3 strokes. Enough with this introduction, let's get to the pictures. 

A ltittle description for each polish, starting from the left:
Bling dynasty: yellow gold with gold flecks. It is quite thick- opaque in 2 coats. The gold color is antique looking- reminds me of treasure chest. This color really comes alive when you look at it in sunlight. 
La-paz-itively hot matte: this matte color does not stay on too well, but as the label on it said- it is not meant to stay on for long period of time, it is meant to make a statement. As I have read from other beauty blogs, it is not similar to OPI regular La-paz-itively hot nail polish. Matte version is much darker. I have also read that this polish has the most satin finish from OPI matte collection. 
Garagatuan green grape: (sorry, the first word is hard for me so I misspelled it on the pic) Ok, depending on the lighting it may look pastel green or bright green. It is more brighter in artificial lighting. It is perfect for spring and summer. First layer is streaky, but 2nd or 3rd coat evens it out nicely. Yes, you have to put on so many coats, because it is quite sheer, but it dries quickly. :)
At first sight: soft, gentle and classy natural nail polish with gold flash. It is quite sheer, but I like it. You might get it opaque enough if You apply four coats. This polish is not streaky at all. 
Alpine snow: It is just regular white nail polish, perfect for french manicure. 

Absolutely Alice: royal blue + gold glitter together in clear base- so you need 3 coats to reach the opacity needed. It is definitely not your regular blue glitter. But beware- this glitter polish is extremly hard to remove, but it stayed on my toenails pretty well too. 
Russian Navy: Russian Navy is a blacked out navy with red and blue microglitter- this glitter gives this polish a blurple look. 
Black Onyx: really nicely pigmented black nail polish, 2 coats to get it opaque. 

Here are the nail wheel swatches of the polishes described above:

Two mini sets that I own are:

Burlesque mini set, they don't have any labels on, so I just guessed the names comparing them to the whole collection. 
Tease-y does it: a vampy, deep plum hue with golden and red micro-glitter.  
Ali's big break: a jelly based candy apple with flecks of gold micro-glitter
The show must go on: only duochrome color, has nice hot pink shimmer in it. This is one of my favorite nail polishes. I wish that I would have ordered that one in full size. 
Let me entertain you: a bright glimmering fuchsia.

Dim Sum Plum: plum pink creme color. 
Red my fortune cookie: a tomato red, not classi red nail polish. More brighter and slightly orange. 
Suzi says fng shui: a vivid blue creme. 
All three of these are really opaque. 

Thank you for reading!