Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Review: Wet´n´wild Vanity Palette

Finally I have time to post this, I acutally wrote the main part in December, but was too lazy to take comparison photos with UD naked palette, which is the last part of this post. So sorry I did not get this review up any sooner, because I believe that the 6-pan version was limited edition (maybe?).
What is it?
Warm toned neutral eyeshadow palette with 6 eyeshadows. Perfect for everyday use.
Here is a photo of it:

Where to get it? 
Wet´n´wild is widely known drugstore makeup brand, so you can basically get it anywhere. In Estonia look into Seppäläs - actually a clothing store, but only one that carries wet´n´wild products.
Price: I think my palette cost 5.95€, I belive in US they are 3.99$ (correct me if I am wrong).
What I like about this palette?
Good variety of colors, you will get equal amount of mattes and shimmers.
Good pigmentation, smooth texture - for most of them.
Easy to blend.
What I didn´t like so much?
Packaging screams cheap.
A little bit of powdery so you may get some fallout.
Included applicators are quite bad, but since I don't use them anyway, I don't mind (plastic applicators: one sponge tip, one for blending- really scratchy).
Least pigemented is gold color, it was hard to get on brush, but yet it transfered to lid well and stayed put quite a few hours.

Since I am bad at describing colors, lets take a look at the swatches: 
First row are the matte shades on the left in the palette and you can guess what the second row is for :P 
Swatches are done on the bare skin, using my fingertips. 

 Might be dupes: (source: the almighty Internet)
Top Left: MAC Brule
Middle Left: MAC Cork or UD naked
Bottom Left: MAC Handwritten
Top Right: MAC Nylon
Middle Right: MAC Goldmine or Urban Decay Half Baked
Bottom Right: MAC Bronze or Urban Decay Smog

I have UD Naked palette, so here is the comparison swatch (taken in daylight, with flash):
First pair: on the left middle right color and on the right urban decay naked- Wnw is more warm toned. 
Second pair: on the left middle right color and on the right urban decay Half baked- again wnw more warm toned and less pigmented. 
Third: same logic bottom right and urban decay smog - wnw more warm and less pigmented.
So no, they are similar, but defenitely not dupes. 

So in conclusion: 
I like this palette and I defenitely recommend wet´n´wild eyeshadows to you- they are cheap, but the performance is excellent. Since I did not like the gold color from the palette, the final score is 4,5 out of 5. I would love to try out their 6-pan shadows in greed and lust, unfortunately I have not seen them in Seppäläs and I am not that desperate to pay a ton of money for them when ordering from ebay. I have one more review coming up from wet´n´wild- 8-pan comfort zone palette.

Thank you for reading!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Review: OPI Nicki Minaj mini set

Hey, beauties!
Today I have some nail swatches for you - a few days ago got this cute Nicki Minaj set, that I ordered from ebay. :) I had a little bit of trouble with a seller, because originally I wanted to order 2 sets(one for giveaway) and was able to pay for it even. But the next day the seller contacted me and said there was only one set available. I said okay, please refund the other then. Almost 14 days passed and then I got the package only to discover that seller had messed up even more- really disappointed. Save me isn´t bad, but I would have prefered the original mini set with Metallic 4 life. 
Price was 10.95$ + shipping 6-7$. 
Anyhow, lets look at the polishes, because they are lovely - perfect brights for spring. 
Photos are taken in daylight. 

Mini set with package
Swatches in daylight: 1 coat of each 

Swatches in daylight+flash: 1 coat each
My favorite from this collection is Fly- perfect summer color, I will purchase it in normal size. 
So what do you think of this collection? I love it, altough I am not a fan of miss Nicki.

Thank you for reading,

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Lumiere: 7 deadly sins & 7 heavenly virtues collection

Hey, beauties!
Today I have a picture heavy review for you. Since I really liked Lumiere holiday collection, you can read that review here, I decided to orded their 7&7 collection. I acted quickly this time and can show you these swatches while you can still buy this collection. This collection contains only eye pigments, all of them seem to be shimmer or metal finishes. These are LIMITED EDITION, so if you like anything then please snatch them while you can. This post was not sponsored, I purchased all the products by myself. 
I ordered the whole collection, just in mini size - that means each jar contains about 1 gram of product. This cost me w/o shipping 27$ and in my opinion it is totally worth the price. :) 
Large size- whole collection is 55$. 
Large duo is 10$, mini duo is 6$. Duos are named on the picture below.
Large single is 6$, mini is 4$.

I will post these swatches in the same order as they are listed on Lumiere website. Color descriptions are from Lumiere and I really love how they explained every sin & virtue, because English is not my native language and I didn´t know every single meaning (but ofc I wanted to know, I would have done a little reasearch then :D ). 
Swatches are done with dry pigments, first one is without any primer, second one is over Make up store tinted eyeprimer. 

1.Temperance & Gluttony:

tem·per·ance (tem-per-uhns) n. moderation or self-restraint in action, statement, etc.; self-control. 
 - pale pink with bright white sheen

glut·ton·y (gluht-n-ee) n. excessive eating and drinking. 
- light raspberry with metallic finish

2. Greed & Charity
char·i·ty (char-i-tee) n. benevolent feeling, especially toward those in need or in disfavor.
- fine champagne with sparkling golden luminance
greed (greed) n. excessive or rapacious desire, especially for wealth or possessions. 
- golden cocoa and rust with a gilded radiance
3. Chastity & Lust
chas·ti·ty (chas-ti-tee) n. free from obscenity; decent.
- bright, cherry blossom pink with aluminum flecks
lust (luhst) n. uncontrolled or illicit sexual desire or appetite.
- pale, cool firebrick with subtle multi color shimmer

All 3 mentioned duos together (same logic- on the right side with primer):  

4. Diligence & Sloth
dil·i·gence (dil-i-juhns) n. constant and earnest effort to accomplish what is undertaken; persistent exertion of body or mind. 
- cornflower and baby blue with a sparkling silver sheen
sloth (slawth) n. habitual disinclination to exertion; indolence; laziness. 
- multi-tonal hues of deep indigo with gorgeous pale blue radiance
5. Humility & Vanity
hu·mil·i·ty (hyoo-mil-i-tee) n. the quality or condition of being humble; modest opinion or estimate of one's own importance, rank, etc.
van·i·ty (van-i-tee) n. excessive pride in one's appearance, qualities, abilities, achievements, etc.; character or quality of being vain; conceit.
- deep lilac with icy blue shimmer

Three trios mentioned above all togehter, same logic here, on the right side with primer. Daylight photo. Uneveness comes from my impatience- did not wait enough to let the primer dry. 

6. Patience & Wrath
pa·tience (pey-shuhns) n. the quality of being patient, as the bearing of provocation, annoyance, misfortune, or pain, without complaint, loss of temper, irritation, or the like. 
- pale golden hay with a silvery lustre finish

wrath (rath) n. strong, stern, or fierce anger; deeply resentful indignation; ire. 
- rich chocolate and cocoa with warm copper luminance

7. Kindness & Envy
kind·ness (kahynd-nis) n. a good or benevolent nature or disposition.
- pale lemon lime with bright silver radiance

en·vy (en-vee) n. a feeling of discontent or covetousness with regard to another's advantages, success, possessions, etc.
- Deep khaki green with golden flecks

Last mentioned 2 duos here together (daylight photo). haha this color combo really reminds me of Wet´n´wild comfort zone palette.

In conclusion: I defenitely liked  this collection. There were some colors for example: envy, patience and diligence that needed some help from the primer which you should anyhow with mineral shadows. Other colors were all pigmented and had nice- smooth texture. As you can see from the photos there are not matte shades, most are shimmery or satin, some are metallic. Also I think that you can really use duo for a eyelook, they compliment each other well.

Totally offtopic, but making these photos was really time consuming, but I like the result and the system. I took me 6 hours total (2 afternoons), when I was photoshopping today (did NOT mess with colors!, just resize-cut-write),  I discovered that some photos were blurry and I hate that, so I took new photos. :D 

 What do you think of this collection- I love the color combos and vairety, ofc the pigmentation is great and texture is smooth. Please let me know which of this duos you would like to see me use in FOTD.

Thank you for reading!

In Estonian:
Olen nüüd ennast eilsest kirjutamismaratonist veidi kogunud ja mõtlesin, et kirjutan veidi eestikeelset teksti ka juurde. Ülevalpool näete Lumiere skin& beauty bar poolt toodetud piiratud kogusega kollektsiooni, millel on seekord üsna intrigeeriv nimi: 7 surmapattu ja 7 voorust. Põhimõttelliselt koosneb kollektsioon 14 mineraalsest lauvärvi pigmendist, mis on jaotatud paaridesse: (palun vabandust, kui tõlked pole päris täpsed :D) Järjekord on sama, mis ülevalpool paaridel.
1. Mõõdukus ja õgardlus

2. Heategevus ja ahnus
3. Vaoshoitus ja iharus
4. Edasipüüdlikkus ja laiskus
5. Tagasihoidlikkus ja uhkus
6. Kannatlikkus ja viha
7. Lahkus ja kadedus 
Mina tellisin terve komplekti mini suuruses, mis ise maksis 27$. Võimalik on osta ka paaridena(10$/6$) või kui mõni värv väga meeldib, siis ka üksikuna(6$/4$). Shipping oli minikomplektil vist 6$, nii et üsna mõistlik- kohale tuli ka üsna kiiresti. Keda huvitab, siis link on siin: http://www.lumierecosmetics.com/
Kõik värvid on väga mõnusa tekstuuriga ja hea pigmendiga, veidi primeri abi vajasid: envy(kadedus), patience(kannatlikkus) ja diligence(edasipüüdlikkus). Enamik on ikkagi sädelevad või metallikud, ühtegi matti tooni te siit ei leia.
Nii et mis te arvate sellest kollektsioonist? Olete te muidu ise ka mineraalmeigi austajad- mina alles avastan seda valdkonda. :) Minu isiklik arvamus on, et ELFi lauvärvid jäävad lumiere´i omadest üsna kaugele maha - värvivalik on tohutu ja pigment on parem. Silmal jääb samasugune nagu swatchidel, nii et siit mingit ootamatut üllatust ei tule. ;) 

Andke teada, millist paari sooviksite esimeses FOTD´s kasutada (ehk siis pm millist ma võiks esimesena proovida :D). 

aa.. ja Lumiere'i õige facebooki lehekülg on see ;) Neil on probleem ühe teise firmaga, kes võttis lumiere cosmetics nimelise fännilehe ära nende eest. 

Kõike head,

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Glambox: January 2012

For short conclusion in English- glambox is Estonian version of glossy box or other monthly subsription box full of beauty samples and travel size products. This service costs 7.9€ a month which is roughly 10$.  Following text will be in Estonian, because you can´t get this exact box in other countries. 
FYI: this was sent me for review purposes.

Nii, lõpuks on eksam ja suur kontrolltöö tehtud ning sain aega, et minna järgi oma jaanuari glamboxile. Smsi sain seekord 21.jaanuaril, et pakk ootab mind. Üldiselt lubatakse pakk tellijani toimetada 16.-20. kuupäeva vahel, aga ühepäevane hilinemine mind küll ei häirinud.
Kes ei tea, mis glambox on, siis kopeerin siia teksti oma esimesest glamboxi postitusest:
Asja idee on selles, et iga kuu saadetakse sulle vähemalt 5 toodet proovimiseks, neist vähemalt 2 on 15ml suurused. Poodides on ju väga suur valik erinevas hinnaklassis tooteid ja miks mitte kasutada võimalust neid natuke väiksemas koguses katsetada. Iga kuu saadetakse erinevaid tooteid. Kui midagi meeldib, on võimalik neidsamu tooteid ka soodushinnaga glamboxi e-poest osta. Selleks, et saada enda naha ja juustega sobivaid tooteid, tuleks täita ära iluprofiil, mida saab täita registreeritud kasutajana. Maksab see lõbu 7.9 eurot kuus ja saadetakse post24 automaatidesse- sisuliselt nagu smartpost, avatud 24h. Rohkem infot saate siit: mis see on?

Karp ise nägi välja samasugune, nagu eelmisel kuul ehk siis on ikka tegu pruuni pappkarbiga, millel kena erkroosa lipsuke peal. Asjade ümber on fuksiaroosa siidipaber ja kaasas on kirjake toodete nimede ja tutvustusega ning pöördelt leiad peaaegu personaalse kirja. Lisaks uudised: seekord näiteks, et veebruari glambox lubatakse rohkem unisex teha ehk siis valenitinpäeva puhul pistetakse karpi ka mõni toode, mida saavad kasutada nii mehed kui ka naised. Lisaks on e-poodi oodata uusi tooteid nt JOICOlt, bodyfarmilt ja colorOn´ilt. 
Nii, aitab küll nüüd sissejuhatavast jutust ja piilume koos, mis mu karbis oli. 
Kuigi kaardil on tekst toodete kohta olemas, kirjutan ma selle siiski iga toote juurde, kuna mulle isiklikult meeldib ülevaatlikkus ehk siis kõik ühest kohast. 

1. JOICO K-pak Color Therapy Restorative Styling Oil 21.5ml
Toote kirjeldus: Uus K-PAK omadustega värvisäilitav ja aminohappeid tugevdav/ taastav õli. Pikendab värvieluiga- kaitseb värvi kiire tuhmumise ja väliskeskkonna kahjulike mõjude eest. Taastab juukse elujõu ja pehmuse, lisab läike ja laseb juukseid paremini käsitleda.
Soovituslik: kõikidele juustele, mis vajavad taastamist, elujõudu, pehmust, läiget ja juustele mis tuhmuvad kiiresti. Ei soovita ülipeenekoelistele ja peadligi hoidvatele juustele. Kasutus: kanna juukseõli niisketele või kuivadele juustele ja viimistle vastavlt soovile.
Tavahind 100ml tootel on 23.9€, hetkel sooduspakkumises 19.94€ eest.
Kahjuks pean selle toote ilma proovimata kellelegi ära andma, sest minu juuksed on täpselt sellised, millele seda juukseõli ei soovitata. Siinkohal tekib küsimus, et milleks me iluprofiili täidame, kui nagunii pannakse karpi need tooted, mida parasjagu tutvustada tahetakse. Üldse mitte paha pärast, lihtsalt mainin... 

2. Bodyfarmi Mango ihupiim 9ml x2
Toode sisaldab jojobamahla ja aloe verat, lisaks lanoliin, mis aitab tõsta naha kaitsefunktsiooni. Pakub niisutust 24h. Ei sisalda mineraalõli, aga olemas on 5 parabeeni - lihtsalt infoks, kui teid on tabanud parabeenihirm. Hind 250ml 7,8€, hetkel sooduspakkumine 6.5€ - kehtib kõigile valikus olevatele lõhnadele, mitte ainult mangole.
Mu meelest ideaalne suurus, et üks kreem korralikult ära proovida- hea näiteks pärast trenni kasutada.
Proovisin ihupiima ära- oli vedel(mida võiski oodata piimalt), valge, kerge puuvilja-vanilje lõhnaga. Imendus üsna ruttu ja naha jättis siidiseks. :)

3.GATINEU Activ Eclat Radiant Glow Emulsion 15ml
Õrna ja kerge konsistentsiga vitamiiniemulsioon isepruunistava toimega. Toode on loodud hoidmaks naha sära, jumet ja toonust läbi aasta! Emulsioon sisaldab kestvalt niisutavate ja kergete isepruunistavate komponentide kompleksi. Igapäevase kasutamise tulemusena on sinu nahk hästi niisutatud, toidetud ja omandanud kauni ning säravalt loomuliku ühtlase jume.
Kasutamine: kanda ühtlaselt näole ja kaelale üksikult või päevakreemi alla. Väldi kulme ja juuksepiiri, pese käed pärast kasutamist. 
Hind 50ml 25€, hetkehind on 22.5€
Kindlasti proovin ära, ma olen ju üsna "luik", nii et veidi jumet talve kõige pimedamal ajal kulub kindlasti marjaks. Käeseljal katsetades hakkas pruunistavat efekti nägema juba 1-2h pärast. Tulemus tundub olevat loomulik jume, mitte oranž "sära". Toode on ise valget värvi ja tüüpilise kreemi lõhnaga, veidi on tunda puuvilja noote.

4. ColorOn professional eye envy. 

Mina sain tooni Grace, mis kuulub "Rhapsody in Grey" komplekti. Lubatakse tagasihoidlikku suvist suitsusilma. Minu tooni kirjeldatakse kui troopika taevast varahommikul. No eks näis. Kaasa sain viimistlemiseks fikseeriva puudri #2, kuigi aplikaatori tagaküljel on kirjas, et peaks kasutama puudrit #1. Ma ei tea, mis nende vahe on - äkki sädeluses? Puuder #2 on kergelt pärlmutter külma valget tooni puuder (pilt allpool).

Igatahes kindlasti katsetan selle toote ära, kuigi ka tavaline silmameik mulle enam raskuseid ei valmista. Kokku on seda toodet üle 30 erineva tooni-disaini. Tegemist on hüpoallergiliste toodetega, mis baseeruvad mineraalidel. ColorOn tooted leiate siit ja maksab 5 paari sisaldav komplekt 29€(hetkel 19.99€) - see polegi ju nii kallis kui arvestada, et neid saab korduvalt kasutada. 

PAIGALDA - Pane silm kinni ja aseta laule, vajutades õrnalt aplikaatorile. (kui tahad õrnemat tulemust, vajuta õrnemini)
SILU - Silu kergelt aplikaatorit alustades silmanurgast kuni lau lõpu kulmupiirkonnani. Mida tugevam vajutus seda sügavam ning erksam on värvitoon.
EEMALDA - Eemalda õrnalt aplikaator ning soovi korral jäta see korduvkasutamiseks.
HAJUTA - Kasuta näpuotsi mineraalpuudri hajutamiseks.
VIIMISTLE - Fikseeri GetSet™ puudri ning pintsli abil saavutatud tulemus. (pintsli harjad on üsna harali, keskmise pehmusega- millekski muuks ma seda ei kasutaks).
Komplekt, mis selles glamboxis oli. (pintsel ja puuder olid väikses mustas kotikeses)

5.Wild&Mild Küünelakk toonis Polar Bear 14ml ehk täissuuruses.
Hetkel ma antud toodet glamboxi e-poes ei näinud, aga hinnaks on kaardikesel märgitud 2.9€. Lakk ise on tavaline valge lakk- täielikult katab 2 kihiga, aga hari on väga ebamugav ja laki pind ei jää seega ühtlane ja ilus. Ma küüntele teda ei jätnud, katsetasin ainult korraks, et näeksite, mida ma mõtlen. Kes endale tahab võib kisada: "Mina!", sest mul on valge lakk olemas OPI Alpine Snow näol. 
Palun vabandust koledate "cuticle" (küünenahkade?) pärast- külm ja ajapuudus on teinud oma töö. Pilt on tehtud päevavalduses, välguta. Üritasin nähtavale tuua seda, miks see lakk mulle ei meeldi - ebaühtlane katvus. 

Lisaks: oli pakis jälle GEISHA šokolaad - sellest küll ära ei ütle. :) Mu meelest armas boonus ilu armastavale naisele.
Üldiselt jäin glamboxiga rahule ja tellin seda ka edaspidi. :) Kui midagi ei sobi saab ju selle alati ära anda, pole probleemi ;)
Kõike head,

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

FOTD: warm winter glow

Sorry for not posting this long, I have 2 exams in near future so I have to study and there is no time for blog. I am still here :) So I wanted to share with you makeup look that I am wearing today- yay for daylight pictures.

Pictures are not totally correct color wise- the reflections from the snow made me look more washed out and paler than I really am. 
I really wanted to use bellapierre mineral powder today, but when I applied it on half of my face I looked totally like oompaloompa- not even yellow, but it looked orange on me. So yes bellapierre makeup artist- you are wrong, the same color does not suit me in winter and summer. 
So instead I had to use my loreal true match in c2 vanilla rose(2 pumps) + one pump of loreal healthy mix sreum in 53- I should have just gone with loreal, because there is slight color difference between my face and neck and bourjois was the darker foundation. 
On my cheeks ELF mineral blush in coral. 
I used ELF Translucent matifying powder to set the foundation.
Eyes: MUS primer, Too faced romantic eye palette(soulmates, kiss the bride and I do) + MAC Teddy eye kohl on upper lashline. 1 coat of Loreal voluminous mascara. 
Lips: GOSH lipstick in peach to match the warm glow on cheeks.

Thank you for reading!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Trend: nails polish spring 2012

you may think that I am crazy: "What?! It is not spring, why do you show us these", but it is spring in nail polish world. So here is my tips and things I have noticed. Bonus: Some examples of the collections too, but you can search elsewhere, I did not add every spring nail polish collection here that comes out. :)

1. Neon polishes - OPI Nicki Minaj collection or China Glaze Electropop.
2. Pastel- dusty- cool toned nail polishes - Zoya True collection. In my opinion, this seems to be the largest trend.
3. Flakies- Finger paints, my old favorite Nubar 2012 or Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure, Zoya Fleck effect.
4. Glitter top coats- OPI Nicki Minaj Save me is great example.
5. Still the shatter nail polish trend lingers around - For example OPI Nicki Minaj Super bass shatter.  I think that it's time to go, shatter! Yes, it is very quick way to spice up your manicure, but it is nothing special. Boring..
6. Nude is in the air- if you don't want to wear color, then there is always nude polish. Sometimes minimalism suits best! Look into creamy shades of gray, white, pale pink, and soft beige. 
So now a quick overview what to search for in beauty stores or online: (yes, I could have separate post about every single collection, but this gives better overview of what's going on) Spring means, that most of these polishes become available in January. :) 
Picture belongs to Vampy Varnish.
Zoya spring 2012 True collection swatches here, available since 10th January. Slightly muted colors, full coverage, creams & metallics.
Picture belongs to Vampy Varnish.
Zoya 3 Fleck effect polishes swatches here. Unfortunately I can't get any zoya polishes, but I would really like to try some (anybody in US? custom purchase please .. )

Bottles themselves look like meh(especially when compared to Zoya), but definitely look at the swatches. Flashy is dupe for Sally hansen hidden treasure or Nubar 2010.
Finger Paints Sepcial Effect nail polish collection- swatches here.

Via google.
OPI spring summer 2012- Holland collection. Part I here- cremes, Part II here- shimmers. I am not really excited about this collection, seems kind of random to me. There are some classic colors /reds, pinks and then there are some trendy (that means dusty pastel) colors.
Via Google
OPI Nicki Minaj collection swatches here. I ordered a mini set which contains: Did It On 'Em(lime), Fly(aqua), Pink Friday(baby pink) and Metallic 4 Life (black base with grazy silver glitter). I am not a big fan of Nicki, but I love some bright colors for summer. :) 
Via Google
China glaze Electropop collection swatches here. I think this colelction is nice overall, but I also notice that there are some colors really close to For Audrey(I mean Aquadelic) and Secret Peri-wink-le(electric beat).

China Glaze Hunger games inspired collection called "Colours from the capitol". Available in March. I have said my opinion  in this blogpost.
Swatches for chinga glaze capitol colors here.

Essie spring 2012 Navigate her swatches here. Seems nice and small collection, but I am not a fan of Essie, so sorry- I won't be buying these.
ORLY Cool Romance collection.  I did not find any swatches yet.

Butter london Spring/Summer collection. I did not find any swatches yet.

Thank you for reading and I do that hope this post was helpful!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

FOTD: Cold winter's night

Quick makeup look that I did because I wanted to try out Lumiere eye pigmets- I am impressed! Love them!  This would have been great NYE makeup look, but I am too late with that (did not have these pigments then).

Product list: 
Eyes: (did them first, because loose pigments can cause fallout).
MUS eyeprimer
MAC smolder eyepencil(smudge it out, used it on 1/2 upper lash line and 1/3 on lower lash line, don´t have to be precise line, but don´t cross your crease)
NYX jumbo pencils in slate & pacific
Lumiere eye pigments in Tinsel tidings, bellflower blue and cold winters night
In the crease for blending- naked and buck from urban decay naked palette and virgin on browbone
Art deco high precision eyeliner in black
Maybelline the falsies mascara
nyx matte eyeshadow + ELF wet gloss lash and brow mascara
lumene primer on cheeks and t-zone. 
mixture of bourjois healthy mix serum in 53(too dark and not enough coverage on it's own) and loreal true match in C2 
ELF HD powder
contouring ELF studio powder in caramel
blush Lumiere Berry blitzen - since it has silver sheen I did not use any highlight. 
NYX slim lip pencil in dolly pink
Rimmel Lasting finish lipstick in Airy Fairy

Thank you for reading!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Review: Lumiere cosmetics holiday 2011 collection

Hey, beauties!

Last week I finally got my package from Lumiere cosmetics - ordered them during black friday sale. I have never ordered from them before so these products will be my first encounter with Lumiere mineral makeup. I was not really into mineral makeup before, but I only thing I had tried was ELF mineral line- NOT comparable at all. I hated ELF mineral eyeshadows - they were so sheer and texture wasn't silky.
Here is photo of collection (picture taken from Lumiere cosmetics website):
I ordered the cool side of this collection, since I found them more usable on myself. I now know that I have yellow undertones, but since I am quite fair, they should work for me too. First look at the colors and I wanted to use them for classic smokey eye look. 
This is limited edition, but at the moment they still have it in(update: they don´t sell it anymore, but they have new collection in 7 sins and 7 virtues- I ordered that yesterday). Large size cost 22$, Small size 13$.
My set is in small size, so this contains 3 mini jar sample size eyepigments(1 g of product), 2grams of blush and tiny lipgloss. I swatched them like 3 times, was not happy with the results before (first time there was no daylight, second time I did not swatch them on primer).
1. Tinsel Tidings - Light, bright, beautiful silver with sparkling metallic finish. Contains a ton of sparkly glitter- may cause some fallout.
Silver lining seem to be similar to this one. 
2. One Horse Open Slate - Cool slate gray with silver radiance
Charocal may look similar.
3. Cold Winters Night - Deep indigo and plum with vibrant multicolor sparkle.
Closest to this on is Midnight.
4. Frostbite - Fabulous fuschia with bright, multicolor flecks. On my lips more like sheer pink with multicolor flecks.

5. Berry Blitzen - Pale raspberry with radiant silver sheen.
Something between mauvelous and autumn blush (look in the pink blushes category).
I loved everything that I ordered, although I am a little disappointed in lipgloss- would have wanted to see more color. Eye pigments are nicely pigmented even without a primer, but you should use a primer on the lid. They are finely milled and feel smooth to the touch. 
If you want to see the warm side of the collection here is a link: http://kelizabethr.wordpress.com. I don´t know this blogger personally, just found this blogpost through google. 
Coming up: FOTD, using some pigments from this collection :)

What do you think of this collection? Have you heard of Lumiere cosmetics before? 

Thank you for reading!